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A benefit of Guild Membership is the mentoring program. Every quarter those who wish to teach a skill are connected with those who wish to learn. 


For Mentees the objective is to have a point person for you to come to before and after meetings with questions for one-to-one learning and growth. Each mentor-mentee relationship will last for 3 months.


Optionally, your mentor may also independently choose to make themselves available for e-mail, calls, shadowing opportunities, etc. if they want. Feel free to ask about things you're interested in.


Please note two important points about being a mentor:

1. Responsibilities:

The plan is for you to be available before and after meetings to be a point person for the mentees' questions, learning and growth. This may lead to opportunities to further communicate and visit outside of meetings, etc., all of which you are welcome to do. You may look for an opportunity for your mentee to come on a session with you or just to grab lunch. It's all up to you.


2. Professionalism:

As a volunteer mentor we are representing no only yourself, but our Guild and by extension, the PPA. It's important that we act with professionalism as mentors. This means refraining from inappropriate relationships or even the appearance of impropriety. (e.g. an adult mentor working with a young mentee alone in their home). While we can't imagine any problems, we need to mention this for everyone's protection.