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Member Spotlight | Heather Sams

PPGCS would like to introduce: Heather Sams of Colorado Springs, CO

This month in our member spotlight is the very talented, Heather Sams of Spoiled Rotten Photography - Colorado Springs, CO

Heather is a Professional Photographers of America Certified Professional Photography as well as a Location Studio Portrait Photographer in Colorado Springs, CO. She has been a photographer for over 30 years. She is humbled to be looked up to as a mentor and one who gives encouragement to others. She is also a proud wife, mother, veteran, and follower of Jesus Christ.

She tells us that "Photography has been hard wired into my every day view of things all of my life. It is my hearts desire to show people the beauty they have in their everyday-selves." and it really shows in her beautiful work!

Heather loves to shoot with a 100mm macro lens and this year she is looking to add a couple people to her team! Her favorite part of PPGCS is to meet and encourage new members, we have loved having he as part of our organization since 2001!

Check out more of Heather's work at

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