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 Rules of Entry

We judge by IPC standards regarding image submission. Members, check the Guild FaceBook group for link to submit images.


  1. Each image should be titled (Not having a title will hurt your overall score)

  2. Each image should have a digital border. (if you don’t know how to give your images a digital border, I have included a link to a YouTube video on how to create a digital border https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ttFywSnWPWI

  3. Files must be sized so the longest dimension is 4000 pixels. Each file must contain an embedded color profile of either sRGB or Adobe RGB1998 and be saved at a JPEG quality setting of 10. In most cases, total file size should not exceed 3.5 MB. Larger files will be accepted when necessary so long are they are JPG/10.

  4. The naming convention for the files should include the title of the image.



Categories – The two categories are Portrait and illustrative/Landscape.


Scoring – A numeric score between the range of 65 and 100 will be given for each image.  Scoring will be based off of The 12 Elements of a Merit Image, which is the same criteria used for PPA IPC.  The winners of each monthly Image competition will the three highest scored images by the judge. The first three places will be recognized for each of the two categories. On top of the image score we will be giving an extra 10 points for 1 st place, 6 points for second place and point points for 3rd place that will count towards the end of the year Trophy.  


If you aren’t sure what they are we have included a link back to the PPA  . https://www.ppa.com/events/photo-competitions/ipc-international-photographic-competition-overview/the-12-elements-of-a-merit-image. We will be tracking the scores of the images on a spreadsheet provided to the judge to record the score.  Just as a reference, a score of 80 or above would be considered worthy of a merit.  The following reflects how an image would assigned based off the score.


 Exceptional 100-95


Superior 94-90


Excellent 89-85


Deserving of a Merit 84-80


Above Average 79-75


Average 74-70


Below Exhibition Standards 69-65


Trophy winner- To determine the overall winner of the trophy for the year, we will be keeping a separate spreadsheet that will have each members monthly score of their images from the judges plus any bonus points for the first three places. The person with the most points at the end of the year would be the overall winner of the trophy.


Critiques – The critiques will be done by the judge for that months print competition, the critique will be an audio recording 3 to 5 minutes long stating weather the images warrants a metric and some tips that could be done to image that may bring up its score. 


 Meeting night- We will have slideshow of the image’s beings displayed at the beginning of the meeting and we will announce the top 3 winners for each category.


Fees- Image submission is free for guild members but to have your image critiqued by the judge we will be asking a small fee of $5 to pay the judge for their time for doing the critique.  To pay for your image critique click below.