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Creating A Debt Free Business


Our local professional photographers guild seeks to strengthen the photography businesses of all of our members through a variety of education during our monthly meetings.  Additionally, we encourage our members to join the national organization, Professional Photographers of America, whose mission also has a significant focus on strenthening and growing members' businesses.  I recently had the opportunity to present a webinar through PPA's education department on debt-free business and family practices.  You may listen to the full webinar here


My heart for businesses and families is to live differently than the "normal" in our culture by building debt-free practices that give financial peace, freedom, and a solid foundation.  Here are some of the "normals" I found when researching for my webinar:

- 80% of businesses fail in the first 18 months (source: bloomberg)

- 49% of small business owners are in major debt  (source: debt.org)

- 76% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck (source: bestdebtcompanys.com) 

- 64% of Americans would need to go into debt to fund a $1000 emergency (source: D ave R amsey S how)

- 38% of Americans have saved nothing for retirement [source: Statistic Brain Research Institute, April 2015]




I'd like to invite you to leave normal and live a "weird" life where your business has a healthy cash flow, uses cash for purchases, is forward-focused, and where your family has an emergency fund, saves for retirement, and can enjoy watching your income meet your needs, fund the lifestyle you desire, and build wealth.  To make this happen, not only do you need to cultivate some essential attitudes toward money but you also must value your time, artistry, and worth to set your pricing in a place that creates profit margin.  


Some additional resources that you may find helpful:

- PPA has great resources for their members including the Square One Tool 

- Ramsey Solutions (Dave Ramsey - tips and tools, The Show, books and other resources for getting out of debt and staying out of debt)

- Book a one-on-one consultation time with me, 719-291-9798 or email me.


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