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Workshop: "The art of creating B&W"

Join Jeff Johnson for a full day of intense and immersive thoughts and processes he uses in creating his award-winning Black & White photography.

colorado photography workshop
© Jeff Johnson

In the morning session, Jeff will dive deep into the concepts of technique and the processes of creating fine art B&W imagery. “It’s way more than just desaturating!” He will share how B&W can be more descriptive and immersive than color photography. B&W can tell a better story with more descriptive characters and in-depth storyline.

The afternoon session will have Jeff showing you just how he looks at his imagery and converts them to B&W fine art photographs. Using his post-processing techniques, he will share with you his process and direction for award winning B&W imagery.

Come share the day with a very powerful art form in B&W photography and expand your skills and your art vision.

In his 40 years as a professional, Jeff Johnson has always been one to share exciting ideas and techniques. It only then makes sense that he offers consultations, programs and workshops which create a vehicle where he can share the knowledge he has accumulated over these rewarding years and hopefully educate photographers everywhere!

Still on the fence? Come check out Jeff's presentation for our member meeting ahead of time! If you've never joined us before, your first meeting is free!

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