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Goals & Priorities of PPGCS

As we settle into 2021, I want to let you know that I, as President of the Professional Photographers Guild of Colorado Springs (PPGCS), promise to do whatever I can to make sure the Guild provides value to our membership. To help achieve that promise, I have set the following goals for the PPGCS Board of Directors:

• Provide an environment where members can grow professionally & artistically

• Establish volunteerism as a mindset within our membership

• Foster relationships with state and local photography organizations

• Codify PPGCS tribal knowledge into written and published policies

These goals will enable us to grow leaders in the community and within the photography profession; build community partnerships along the Front Range; provide educational variety to help our members hone their skills and craft; and build consistent, process-driven policies to help all Guild leaders maintain and sustain an effective value-added organization.

My top priority for this year is to encourage members to become actively involved in the Guild. In order to provide the programming and education our members value, the Guild relies heavily on the service and volunteerism of our members. I encourage all of us to become actively involved by volunteering for a few minutes to set up chairs for a meeting, or greet people as they arrive for our monthly Guild meeting. If you have a few hours over the course of a couple of months, I encourage you to volunteer for a committee, or provide your time on a small project. Every little bit helps, and the end result is an interconnected community of photographers ready and willing to support each other.

To help recognize members who have gone above and beyond the normal Guild activities, we have introduced the Guild’s annual Ram Recognition program. The intent of the Ram Recognition program is to foster the active engagement of our members, and to develop future PPGCS leaders. We chose the ram because it is Colorado’s state animal, and it signifies strength. Each of you who earn the ram pin provides strength to our organization through your service and dedication.

Being part of the Guild is more than paying dues and receiving member benefits. It is about professional development, increasing our craftmanship and artistry, and building community support around a common set of ethics and standards. Because you are willing to be part of something greater than yourself, the Guild will be able to provide value-added programming and continue our commitment to excellence people expect from a professional organization.

Written by Larry Adkins, M.Photog | 2021 PPGCS President

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Bryan York
Bryan York
26 de jul. de 2021

Go, Team! :)

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