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How Can You Help?

The Professional Photographers Guild of Colorado Springs (PPGCS) has a wonderful opportunity to help other photographers grow professionally and artistically, and we need your help.

Our vision for the Guild is to be the center of excellence along the Front Range to inspire and support photographers in developing their craft and unique business situations, and our mission is to promote and support the professional photography community through education, networking, professional credentialing, and the pursuit of excellence in craftsmanship and artistry.

So how can you help us achieve our vision? As the PPGCS President, I am looking for people who have the will and ability to help us promote the Guild on a personal level through your day-to-day conversations with other photographers, sharing our events and workshops on your social media platforms, and by continuing to be active members in the Guild through your service and dedication.

I imagine most of us would say the strongest aspect of the Guild is the camaraderie, fellowship, and group support among our members. Our monthly meetings are a time to socialize, network, and build life-long relationships with photographers from all genres, experiences, and walks of life. Through strong bonds of friendship and community spirit, the Guild provides a safe, non-competitive environment where members can learn from each other. I believe other photographers would benefit from being part of our family, and I ask you to invite them to attend our Open House on Thursday, April 15, 2021, so they can see first-hand the value of being a Guild member.

When interacting with other photographers personally or through social media, please let them know the Guild is open to all photographers who want to learn and improve their skills, and who want to network with professional photographers from the greater Colorado Springs community.  Additionally, don’t forget to tell them we are an affiliate of the Professional Photographers of America (PPA), and our membership includes national award-winning photographers from across the Pikes Peak region who are willing to help people succeed.

On a more personal level, you have the opportunity to strengthen the Guild through your service and volunteerism. The spectrum of what you can do to help the Guild provide outstanding value to its members spans a wide array of opportunities. For example, you can volunteer for simple things like setting up or tearing down monthly meetings or events, attending workshops, volunteering as a committee member, or sharing your experience as a ment