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Member Spotlight | Bryan York

PPGCS would like to introduce: Bryan York - York Photography in Portland, OR

Member Spotlight

PPGCS would like to introduce: Bryan York of York Photography!

Bryan York is a member all the way in Portland, OR! He is a portrait artist who delights in bringing out the best in every subject.

When he was three, Bryan was diagnosed with a brain tumor and given little chance of survival. Bryan attributes that by the grace of God, he survived. After moving to Colorado in early 2015, he was hospitalized. Bryan had suffered from a minor stroke at the age of 27. He spent the next several years working hard to recover from its effects.

Bryan is still fighting the good fight in his recovery and looks at each day as a blessing. Despite all of these trials, Bryan continues to be positive and one of our most active members, even from Portland!

"I faithfully share what God has done in my life with those who make time to listen. Truly, none of us know how much time we have in this life. We have to live each moment to the fullest and value what we are given. I treat every moment and encounter with my subjects as a blessing and an opportunity to leave an impression on their lives. What kind of impression will you leave?" -Bryan York

Bryan has been photographing for 15 years and his gear of choice is Sony. One of Bryan's proudest accomplishments has been working with other creative professionals and his joint projects with another of our members, Carrie Cleghorn.

One of his goals in the near future is to photograph as many lighthouses as he can.

He has been a member of PPGCS for 5 years and his favorite part of our organization is the rich fellowship and friendships he's made in his time with us.

Learn more about Bryan here:

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