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Workshop: Boutique Volume Photography With Mark McCall

Why would an established, award winning, professional studio owner give up upscale seniors, weddings and family portraits to shoot daycares? Three words...WAY MORE MONEY.

colorado photography workshop
© Mark McCall

Boutique, themed, volume photography is a little known, but highly profitable form of photography that has very little competition and an extremely high profit margin. Think themed studio sessions, done quickly at public outlets, parent’s day out programs, daycares and early learning centers.

See how HallMark Professional Portraits performs at $1,000-$3,000 per shooter hour daily.

  • See all of Mark McCall’s tricks for producing themed children’s portraits very quickly, and Mark’s lighting quick workflow.

  • We’ll give you the websites to find the jobs, how to book 'em, and then use a hidden trick to keep 'em.

  • Get $10 above the package price with one simple idea.

  • Proofs back to the school 2-3 hours after packing up.

  • Fraidy cats? No problem! We have a slick solution that calms a frightened child almost every time.

  • Like the Santa Experience look and feel but hate the long session times? We've turbo charged the Santa Experience, getting crazy sales with mall Santa workflow by spending just a few minutes with each child, then automating the artwork. Yes!!! You can automate this look!

  • Get Santa to work for you cheaper than his normal rate and use him to springboard into the school’s spring photos as well as the following fall.

  • Where the cheap backgrounds and props are, your own.

  • See our inexpensive Photoshop USB keypad, originally designed for the gaming industry but flipped to supercharge your workflow.

  • Get the parents to call you instead of the school or sport league in the event of a mix-up. Keep the school out of the loop regarding complaints.

  • Spending a lot of extractions for sports photos? Photoshop will extract all your sport images automatically without outsourcing them. See our process for batching extractions with PS.

  • You don’t need the newest or highest resolution cameras or high dollar equipment to shoot this genre’. 10 mega pixels is plenty, and results in faster workflow.

  • Simple, simple lighting anyone can do.

This program is geared toward the booking, shooting and selling of boutique volume photography to schools multiple times a year, as well as contract sports, there’s also lots of real-world business advice.

More about Mark:

Mark is a graduate of Texas Tech University, served as President of South Plains PPA in 2002, Texas PPA in 2014 and was the webmaster for SWPPA for over 20 years. Mark has 125 PPA Print Merits with roughly 1/3rd of those merits being Loan or Imaging Excellence images.He has spent 15 years working print rooms around Southwest PPA, working as a judge in 12 states and building a knowledge base that has helped hundreds of photographers get the merits needed to become a Master Photographer. Mark is also the author of the TPPA Print Competition Guide.

Mark and his technical partner Steve Colwell pioneered the technical achievement of placing the first ever Affiliated Print Competition online in 2004..Mark wrote all of the technical questions on the PPA Certification Exam while serving on the PPA Certification Committee and in 2017was awarded PPA’s National Award for his lifelong dedication to the industry.

Mark received his first camera at the tender age of 8 years old, a gift from his grandmother for her purchase of mail order makeup. Formative years were spent exploring Horseshoe Canyon on horseback, just north of his hometown of Slaton, Tx, snapping photos of ranch life, wild horses, and native Americans and a local aircraft museum. Farm neighbors began to ask Mark to photograph their families and as word grew, so did Mark's love of anything photography. Besides photography, Mark enjoys tinkering in his garage, working on his electric'39 Ford pickup, fishing, museums and yard work.

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