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Workshop: "Clean, Creative Commercial Photography and Photosynthesis"

Learn how to rachet up the creative process in commercial photography!

colorado photography workshop
© Bob Coates

Commercial clients often want you to go beyond headshots and photograph product or locations for their advertising.

In this workshop, Bob Coates (M. Photog, M. Artist, Cr, CPP) will share some clean, repeatable set ups to make items shine.

Then, he will shift gears to tickle the creative side of your brain with a process he’s dubbed "Photosynthesis." A melding of textures, blend modes and painting techniques helps to move your work into the art realm. Learn to add depth and dimension to all of your work utilizing these ideas from the technical to the creative.

Still on the fence? Come check out Bob's presentation for our member meeting ahead of time! If you've never joined us before, your first meeting is free!

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